"Soon after I discovered I was pregnant with my second son, I began experiencing the kind of intense back pain which I had had only during my last trimester of my first pregnancy. My obstetrician just told me to grin and bear it - as it would not be the least of pregnancy's aches and pains. As a health care professional myself, I was unwilling to accept this as a solution. That's when I sought treatment from Dr. Lehmann. Her skillful manual manipulations provided immediate relief. Not only did she alleviate my back pain, but she treated me as a whole; she determined the root source of my pain and prescribed supports and strengthening and toning exercises which afforded me a healthier and more comfortable pregnancy. I was able to remain fit and retain the physical stamina I needed for an easier and more effective labor and delivery. My postpartum recovery was speedier too. I shed my pregnancy weight and had my body almost completely back to normal within four weeks. Thank you Dr. Lehmann for making a world of difference!"

Dr. Joyce Wein

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